Passover Meal Plan

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Kosher for Passover Meal Plan

We are proud to offer a Kosher-for-Passover meal plan as a service for all students. We will be serving hot delicious meals on the following days of Passover:

Please note these meals are highly subsidized, if one is unable to afford the cost please don’t hesitate to reach out for a scholarship.

Cost: $50

First Seder

Date: April 15th

Seder: 8:00

Saturday Lunch

Date: April 16th

Holiday Lunch: 1:00

Second Seder

Date: April 16th

8:30 Seder Begins 


Date: April 17th

Holiday Lunch: 1:00

KFP Dinner: 7:30

Monday April 18th – Wednesday April 20th

KFP Dinners: 7:00

Thursday April 21st

Holiday Dinner 8:30

Friday April 22nd

Holiday Lunch 1:00

Shabbat Dinner 7:00

Saturday April 23

Holiday Lunch 1:30

Moshiach Seuda 7:30

Holiday Ends 8:56

Eat Chametz 8:59

Sign Up Instructions:

To reserve your spot you must do so on your phone only via SMS://612.445.3972

Or text 612-445-3972

Text “Passover Mealplan” and “Seder 1” “Seder 2”